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Who We Are

EMT Academy is accredited through the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Office of Emergency Medical Services. The Academy is a training site for the American Heart Association, National Association of EMT's, and Emergency Care and Safety Institute courses.

The professionals at EMT Academy are experienced Emergency Medical Services providers, with a vast range of experience and backgrounds. Every instructor at EMT Academy brings with them their own values and teaching styles, which gives each student exceptional opportunity to learn and excel.

Our Mission  

EMT Academy’s mission is to provide quality educators, who have a common goal of empowering each student with the tools and knowledge required to provide exceptional medical care.

Our Goal

We strive to provide our students with the tools needed at every stage of their education, and career. Starting with a good foundation of strategic goals, students know what is expected of them during every evaluation. 

What makes us different?

Our program has state-of-the-art classrooms and lab areas, we utilize unique online course management systems which allow students access to all handouts, PowerPoint presentations, and videos. Our teaching staff is experienced in all areas of Emergency Management and pre-hospital care.

Meet Our Staff:

Philip Sheridan Paramedic, BS, I/C, Executive Director, AHA, EMT & Continuing Education Instructor Phil has been in Emergency Medical Services for 22 years. Has his Associate's degree in Fire Science Technology, and a Bachelor's Degree in Fire Science Administration. He has held positions as a line Firefighter and Deputy Fire Chief. Phil holds an Instructor Coordinator certification with the Massachusetts Office of Emergency Medical Services, is a National Association of EMT's Instructor, as well as an instructor for the American Heart Association.

Shannon Misterka MA EMT, I/C, CPR & BLS Education Coordinator, Lead Instructor & Clinical Coordinator Shannon has been in Emergency Medical Services for 20 years, and has worked in busy 911 systems throughout her career. She holds an Instructor Coordinator certification with the Massachusetts Office of Emergency Medical Services, is an American Heart Association Instructor, and the EMT course Lead Instructor. Shannon is the CPR program and BLS continuing Education Administrator.  She is certified in Critical Incident Stress Management, and has worked with many agencies for debriefings after both large and small scale incidents. Shannon also holds certifications from APCO, and is credentialed in Emergency Medical, and Emergency Fire Dispatching. 


erve as the Clinical Coordinator as well as a Field Control Officer.



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